Scoop CITB application displayed on desktop and laptop computers.

What is Scoop?

Importantly, the platform allows for users to make decisions throughout their journey, meaning they get to visually experience, and therefore better comprehend, both the benefits and consequences of their actions, in total safety.

Immersive content is proven to increase user engagement, which is important when learning complex tasks. Scoop provides a 'hands on' experience in relation to systems, and protocol from a first-person perspective.

Scoop offers extensive net zero and cost-efficient opportunities to both organisation and end user.

Interactive Training

Work through true-to-life simulations, promoting correct protocol, and encouraging deeper learning. 40% of VR learners saw an improvement in confidence compared to classroom learners

Re-experience Therapy

Phobias lessened through 're-experiencing' therapy, but this is within the realm of complete safety. People with common phobias, such as a fear of dogs, flying, and needles, reported an average reduction in their phobia symptoms of 75% after six weeks.

Day In
The Life

Ever wondered what it's like to work in a nuclear reactor, or at 1,000 feet underground? Simulations in VR, shot from the wearer's POV provide an exceptionally valuable resource for attracting new recruits.

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Scoop captures real-world scenarios that are far more believable than CGI.

Available in 2D & VR

Scoop's platform allows for viewing in both interactive 2D and immersive VR.

Modular Content

Scoop allows for new content to be added or replaced at any point.

Net Zero

Scoop's Immersive content reduces the need for the user to travel, thus reducing emissions.

Unlimited Choice

Scoop is designed to put the control in the hands of the user, by telling a story encouraging decisions to be made on the way, be they good, bad or ugly!


Scoop VR uses cost-efficient filming techniques that require minimal editing.

15 Minute Discovery Session

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